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We're native to West Auckland, and proud of it...

Smith and Partners are back in the office during Covid-19 Alert Level 2. Where suitable, we will continue to conduct client meetings via video conference. However where an in-person meeting needs to take place, we have set up our meeting rooms to ensure this can be conducted safely.
As West Auckland’s leading law firm, Smith and Partners Lawyers have been helping develop West Auckland business and community since 1988. Our skilled team of lawyers provide easy to understand legal advice in property law, business law, commercial property law, family law, employment law, estates, elder law, wills & trusts, debt collection and litigation.
Whether you are a business owner wanting commercially astute advice to help grow your business and protect your hard work, or an individual navigating the complexities of life — property, relationships, family, employment and protecting your assets — our team will provide you with the right advice for your situation — in plain English that you can understand.

Business & Commercial Lawyers

At Smith and Partners Lawyers we focus on making the legal process easy to understand.
Our team of commercial business lawyers deal with a wide range of subjects, from buying or selling a business, starting a business, shareholders agreements, finances, working with you on your business structure and tax implications, drafting and negotiating your agreements and contracts, advising on and helping you protect your intellectual property through to corporate and commercial property & leasing issues and commercial & contract disputes.

We also have a dedicated team of specialist employment lawyers, and if you find yourself in a business dispute our commercial dispute resolution team and specialist debt collection team are here to help get things sorted quickly and efficiently.

Property Lawyers

Our team of expert Auckland property lawyers and conveyancing solicitors are experts in buying and selling property, conveyancing, residential and commercial property law, leasing and financing.  Whether it’s the family home, investment property, a subdivision or commercial property, we’ll help take the risk out of the transaction by ensuring your interests are protected during the process.  Let our team of property solicitors manage the legal paperwork and advise you on any concerns or pitfalls we uncover.  And if you’re at the exciting stage of looking at buying land, and/or building (or renovating) – we can help ensure that the process of building your dream home is stress free.
Our aim is to make the process as smooth as possible for you so that the acquisition reaches a positive outcome and you can enjoy the benefits of owning the property now and in the future.

We regularly act for clients all over the country, and those based internationally. Along with face-to-face meetings, we are fully equipped to utilise video conferencing with clients- offering Skype, Facetime and Facebook Messenger Video Conferencing meetings.

Check out our dedicated pages if you’re looking for more information on commercial property or retirement village contracts

Commercial Property Lawyers

Our Commercial Property Lawyers are based in Auckland and specialise in the area of commercial leasing, buying commercial property and selling commercial property. Your Commercial Property Lawyer will provide you with commercially sound advice tailored to your specific situation, and can help you get the best deal. Whether you’re a commercial landlord, commercial tenant, property developer or simply looking to buy premises for your business, the right advice will help ensure your interests are protected, that you get the best deal for you and that you fully understand all your liabilities and obligations.

Leasing, buying and selling commercial property are complex transactions and can carry significant financial risk, commercially astute advice can save you money, protect your investment and make management of your commercial property easier and more efficient.  All our commercial property clients also receive free access to commercial property management software NomosOne.

Family Lawyers

Our West Auckland based family lawyers are New Zealand family law specialists. We help families and individuals in New Zealand and those based overseas with New Zealand family law issues. As a family law law firm we will give you practical legal advice on divorce law, separation, child custody (day to day care of children), child relocation, adoption, relationship property, child support, family protection and domestic violence, family court or family dispute resolution.
Our family law team’s extensive experience negotiating out of court settlements along with appearing regularly in the Family Court can help you achieve the best outcome for your situation.

Approachable and friendly, as your family lawyer we will sensitively guide you through the process, providing an objective perspective, whilst being a strong advocate for your rights and entitlements. Family law can be stressful and complex, where we differ from other family lawyers is in our ability to listen compassionately to understand your unique situation and then explain the law and your options in a way that you can understand – giving real advice and the power to make informed decisions and get on with your life.

As part of a full service firm we can advise on and finalise all aspects of the process, including, relationship property settlement, property transfers, settling trusts and establishing new ones, estate planning, drafting new wills and enduring powers of attorney.

Whatever your family law matter is, from contracting out agreements to finalizing parenting arrangements and dividing relationship property our family law experts are here to help you today.

We can assist you with:

*Please note, we do not provide legal aid services. Please click here to view a list of local family lawyers who do provide legal aid services.

Wills and Trusts Lawyers| Estate Planning | Enduring Powers of Attorney

Smith and Partners understand the importance of wanting to protect your family and your assets. Whether you simply need a will or powers of attorney drafted or are in need of more in-depth estate planning, our extensive experience with wills, powers of attorney, family trusts and estates enables us to provide you with the right advice for your situation.
We will take the time to explain everything involved in plain language so that you have the right plan in place to protect your assets, reduce stress on your family and minimize the chances of future disputes.


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